Hello everyone,

Here’s some news from the Early Access of Hover: Revolt of Gamers! Let’s start with a new video:


New playfield, new gameplay : Stealth in the Prison

By the time you read this text, a new update will be up and running on steam. It introduces the Prison, an “infiltration” stage. 🙂

Do you see the giant E-Cop Tower? The entrance to the prison is located right below. After you finished his missions, Otello will wait you in front of the exterior entrance and ask you to investigate about missing citizens.

Charles built the Prison as a complex with many chambers and halls, filled with cameras, lasers, movement detection floors etc… More than ever in Hover, a great sense of observation and a tremendous amount of agility (and insouciance ^^’) will be required! Don’t run on the movement detection floors or a Secubox will chase you. Keep in mind that you can “walk” silently by crouching.

Starting from this update, the DNA-Kit of the E-Cop is unlockable by finding it in this stage. You will also find in the Prison some new lost gamegirls or some usefull backstory informations, so keep looking around between 2 traps. Who knows, maybe you will meet a citizen who needs your help….

This special stage proposes a pretty high challenge. You’d better train your walljumps and slides under the cameras in the city before entering the area!


Beware of the Secuboxes

Pierre developed a new arresting system. The first time you get arrested by a Secubox, you will be immobilized for several seconds. With the second arrest you will be sent to a rehabilitation platform (as it is currently the case). But now, from the 3rd arrest you will go directly into a detention cell in the prison. And you will have to find a way out too!
If you don’t want to go to jail every single time you get caught, you will have to find and hack an E-Cop antenna (pictures below). By hacking it, you will be able to delete your criminal record.



Choose your spawnpoint

Another new feature, you can now scan Locabox points to define your postal address in the game. Having a postal address allow you to spawn at this point every time you start the game. The Locabox points are very numerous, it’s everywhere, so you will have a wide range of spawn points (and you can change at any time).

There will also be some teleporters to every corner of the city allowing you to quickly return to your postal address. Obviously, you will not be able to use these teleporters during a mission. That would be cheating!


New Office!
Apart from that, we recently moved in our brand new offices! Our friends from Midgar Studio that hosted us from time to time offered us to join them permanently in their lair. They gave us our full own place. So we now have way better working conditions!



Project Spotlight: Wanderer


We saw this project a few days ago and we love it! The pixel art is really gorgeous. Wanderer is a 2D, low-res Sci-fi cinematic platformer/RPG that tells the tale of a man named Rook, a greying convict who wakes from cold sleep aboard an orbital prison facility that’s crash landed on the ruins of an Earth long since abandoned by humanity. With the guidance of a hacker named Jin, Rook must navigate the station, and struggle to survive against rioting prisoners and the bizarre extradimensional beasts that haunt the dead planet.

Best of luck guys!