Hover : Revolt of Gamers is a game made to give players thrills and freedom feelings. After finishing the tutorial you will arrive in Hover City. You will be free to start the main quest or simply explore the playground and opportunities it offers. We put emphasis on vertical building architecture to make sure that the players can experience vertiginous sequences and excitement. Hover can be played either in third or first person. There is an automatic switching camera mode which switches between third and first person depending on the situation.

The Art direction is based on a colorful and “cartoon” atmosphere, with a humorous synopsis.
You can play several characters, customize their colors and their skills according to your playstyle.
It is easy to find friends in the city. You can switch anytime from offline to online mode and gather with friends or unknown players. For even more sensations and adrenaline-pumping thrills, Hover : RoG is playable through the Oculus Rift technology.