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Fully explorable world

Inside “Hover City” a vast futuristic extra-terrestrial town, experience crazy sensations of freedom doing Parkours and crazy Tricks.

Create your own gang

Recruit Gamers to join your team grab experience and upgrade their stats with the experience system, numerous characters to unlock and play.

Play on your own way

Switch to multiplayer at any time, play first or third person view, customize your character.

Mission editor

Design your missions and challenge your friends on your own creations.

A glimpse of stealth

A new game mode is incoming in Hover: Revolt of Gamers. Charles is currently working of the first “special stage”: the E-Cop Prison. You will soon find out that more and more people are missing in Hover City. The Administration seems to get more repressive than ever....

« Hover: Revolt of Gamers » is Greenlit !

Nous avons posté Hover: Revolt of Gamer sur Steam Greenlight il y a quelques jours (le 23 janvier 2014 pour être exact) et le jeu a déjà atteint le rang de 50% en seulement 4 jours ! Il rencontre également un grand succès via les commentaires et 57% des internautes...