As you explore the city, you will meet some important characters. By completing their missions, they will offer you their DNA-Kit. This kit allows to create characters in their likeness :

Anonymous Gamer : they are anonymous members of the Resistance. Some get promoted and become essential members in the fight against the Great Administrator

Watabax : Shy by nature, Watabax unveils all his potential once his energy gauge is Hoverheating. He is the most pleasant member of the Resistance, and a faithful skilled partner during Gameball matches.

Greendy : Obstinate and arrogant, Greendy is an obstacle races specialist. Top rove your valor and earn her respect, you will have to show your talents many times.

Liff : With his strength and his dexterity, Liff became the ECP17’s Gameball champion. He is an athlete at heart who will always be happy to give some good advices

Otello : Highly skilled hacker and naturally tempered, Otello is the rookies’ guide and took the habit to oversee missions

Veelan : Although she doesn’t want to join the Resistance, her impressive max speed is a precious advantage to catch fleeting traitors.

E-Cop : The Resistance managed to catch some out of order E-Cops. They reprogrammed their system to transform them into allies. They also have an advantage if they want to sneak into Police’s line.

Anonymous Breaker : Member of the Breaker’s crew. Sometimes these anarchist activists decide to join forces with the Resistance.

Krow : This muscle-bound hero is the Breakers’ leader. His impressive strength makes him a tricky opponent during races or Gameball matches. He is quite arrogant towards the resistance but turns to be a very good person.