ECP17 is a huge extraterrestrial futuristic city where a resistance crew contests the dictatorial powers of the new Great Administrator.

The Great Admin decided to cut all communications with the Galactic Union and others pace colonies. But the worse part is that having fun was made illegal, and all kind of entertainment including video games have been banished.

With the help of high tech gears, the rebels roam the city to sabotage the anti-leisure propaganda, help the citizen, and finda way to reach the Orbital Station in order to call the Galactic Union for help and put an end to oppression

You can explore the world and the game’s storyline through different ways.

During the main missions you will learn more about the Resistance’s heroes and their plans for saving the City. You can also find many codices into the city which allow you to learn about the political and technological context.

You can also spend some time to decipher posters in extraterrestrial language, even find some Easter eggs and many secrets hidden everywhere in town.