About Fusty Games

“We’ve started our activity at the end of 2011 by developing our first game: “The Secret of Space Octopuses”. At the end of the development in 2013, we’ve associated ourselves with Midgar Studio who currently develop “Edge Of Eternity”, a indie tribute to JRPG That they successfully funded on Kickstarter in March 2015.

Our goal is to develop innovative games with a gameplay that pushes back the limits of the genre, resting on creative artistic directions.

It’s out of question for our studio to restrict itself to a specific register. Our goal is to revisit the entire genre, dusting off some, hijacking others and creating totally new still unseen concepts . One of the main goals of Fusty Game is to provide the player with new sensations as well as innovative ways of interacting with the virtual environment and other players.

We have the conviction that video games are only at their debut and that many unexplored ways of having fun and being immersed still exist.”

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For any further requests (interview, assets, Steam key…), please contact us:
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