One of the cool features in Hover is the possibility to create your very own team of characters, each one having special skills. You will start the game as the Anonymous Gamer and, as you progress in the game, you will unlock the other eight playable characters. Each character has a personal skill. Some are natural born racers, some are very strong fellows, ect…
All characters can level up to 10. You will earn experience by achieving many kind of challenges 

(tagging propaganda posters, win a Gameball match, fulfill missions from the storyline, undertake tricky combos,…). Almost all activities can grant you experience. When leveling you will unlock skill tree slots that you can fill with “skillchips” and improve your character.

You can switch from one character of your team to another at anytime except when you are engaged in a mission.

Be aware that the key will be to build a team with various skills so you can face any kind of situation.