Hello Hover community!
We wanted to share with you some news and behind the scene for the game. First of all, in case you missed it, we made a few days ago a minor update to the alpha 5.

Check the full patchnotes here: http://goo.gl/toqfJW

That being said lets introduce this update’ highlithgt, our next special stage: The Sewer and the Secret base of the Gamer Resistance.

Egouts 1

Egouts 3

Egouts 2

After a few missions, you will unlock the access to The Sewer. This is the playground of the Gamer Resistance and that is where their secret base is hidden. The Resistance HQ is well hidden deep inside the Sewers and the player will have to prove his skills by passing a climbing test before he can enter.

Inside the headquarters, the player can learn more about the personal stories of the main characters, their relationships or their lifestyle.

QG 3

QG 2

QG 1

In the other areas of the Sewers, the player will find various themed events such as different races or Gameball games. In order to clear all the challenges offered by this special stage, you will need several characters with different specializations (speed, strength, grind etc).

QG 5

QG 4

QG 8

QG 7

QG 6

QG 9

And, here is a work in progress of the Anonymous Breaker, a new playable character.

anon presentation2

Anonymous Breaker WIP

And also Liff, a new playable character you will find ingame soon.


Liff WiP

See you soon for a new update. 😉