Hello everyone.

Thanks to all your feedback, we are really happy to release today a large update including many small and big improvements of your gaming experience.

First of all, the first district is now almost complete. We added new areas and the district A has now 9 zones. Each one of them has a new objectives system displayed on the top right of the screen. It’s highlighting the free missions, without time or NPC validation.

goals list

Among the new things to do, you will have to find, pursue and catch the “Spydrones”. They will take you into a funny ride around the several areas and some points of interest

We also made some changes so the core mechanics of the game.

Speed, for instance, is something very important. We worked in order to make your runs more fluid and dynamic. First, we optimized moves. Players will no longer bumping their heads when they climb on a wall, like this example:


Jumps have been rethought. You can now climb the wallsl, and make small jumps more easily. We also add some boosters on motorways and on the several big walls. They will provide a great speed boost.


Your feedback was precious for the prison, so now, some cells are easier. In the same idea, the tutorial has been slightly simplified.

We also did a lot of small fixes and graphical developments like the characters models in first person view.  

The various camera modes have also been redesigned and corrected to avoid any colliding with the walls.
This update should solve many of existing bugs. To improve our development process and fix things more quickly, we set up a “bug report” system directly in the game. You will now have the opportunity to send us a screenshot, a title and a description of any issue you could encounter into the game. Feel free to send as many feedback and in game reports as possible. Testing and correcting is 100% the point of this Alpha Stage!

bug repport

Here is the full patch notes : click here

As always, feel free to send us feedbacks, we are looking forward to reading it.

We would like to use this message to wish you all the best possible holidays. May Santa deliver as much fun as possible into your house ! (Yes he is part of the renegades too!)

Here some new pics: