Hi everyone

Here’s a few insights of what we are currently working on for Hover: Revolt of Gamers.

New Character

Now, we want to introduce a new challenger to Hover City: Liff

1455461445-liff3goals list

Liff is an athlete who loves to play outdoors. He is the local Gameball matches champion.


Always smiling and nice, he knows how to be patient with newcomers. He also train on his free time Watabax, who dreams of becoming champion of Gameball. He also spends a lot of time with Otello.


Incoming new special stage

After the prison, a new special stage will make his apparition in Hover : The sewers.

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This new location will give you access to new races, and they will test many of your skills.


One of those races is for your speed:

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Another, the Grind:

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course grind 2


And finally, another will train your jump skills:

course jump 2course jump 1


Some Music

Here is a brand new music, that has been composed for the Sewer:



New Graffiti System

Now check this sneak peak of the new graffiti system with new animations and sounds.


About Key Issues

We noticed many of you got problems with the early access Steam Key. Please remember this is not the final product key, it’s a gift for all backers, not the final product you ordered from Kickstarter. When the game will be ready for the release, we will send a new survey with the option to choose the platform of choice.
Anyway we made some adjustments on our team to respond more quickly. Still, if you hadn’t received an early access key or have a duplicate key problems, please send a word with your backer mail on this new email : hover@thesidek.com