Hello Everyone,

The game entered a new important stage this week with the release of the Alpha 3.0. This is a full new version of the game that has been delivered after several months of development. We proudly showed it at the Gamescom in Koln last week and got many cool feedbacks from the press. We sincerely hope you enjoy it too.

This Alpha 3.0 offers a brand new Hover City. It has been entirely re-designed and re-coded in order to answer your feedbacks and demands. The most critical improvement is on the performance side. The new city is optimized to offer the best possible framerate and a perfectly smooth gaming experience. It also benefits many graphical enhancements with new building models, new textures and object details.

Many additions have also been done to bring more life into the city. The city lights and atmosphere now change through a Day & Night cycle, there is more NPC in the streets and many effects have been added all around.

A new playable character is now available: Veelan. She is a very fast running alien. But this speed makes her a bit more tricky to control. It opens new challenges for the players. Veelan comes with its own stories and set of missions and the personal missions of the already available characters have all been improved too.

On the gameplay side, many improvements has also been brought to the game. It starts with the basics as players can go through a full new tutorial, more fun to play but also much more explicit about the game core gameplay and commands.

This is only a few highlights of what the Alpha 3.0 brought to Hover. A full patch note is available on the Steam page of the game. With this new stage, Hover makes a huge step toward beta and release and now offers more fun than ever before.

Feel free to let us know what you think about it and keep on posting your feedbacks on our forums.

PS: we sincerely apologize for not posting so much updates here on Kickstarter. As you know we are a small team. We spend most of our time on the game development and not enough on communication. But this will change ! We recently signed with a new Game Label called The Sidekicks. From now they will handle all the communication efforts and let us focus 100% on the game dev. We will still be available for direct contact on our forums but with their help we will set up a better communication toward all of our backers with, from now, regular updates about Hover.

We hope you’ll have fun on the Alpha 3.0 !