Hi everybody ! We are happy to show you some screenshot of the E-Cop prison.

Charles is almost done with the interior of the prison émoticône smile It’s a giant labyrinth with many chambers and halls, filled with cameras, lasers, movement detection floors etc… As always, a great sense of observation and a tremendous amount of agility are required of you!
Now, Pierre will take charge of all the various scripting (once captured by a Secubox inside the prison, you will be sent to a cell of detention from which you’ll have to escape), as well as refining the new quests. In the meantime, Charles will focus on the exterior entrance of the prison. Do you see the giant E-cop Tower? It will undergo a complete renovation and the entrance to the prison will be located right below the tower émoticône smile
Pending implementation, here is a small screenshot of the prison corridors. It’s the bailout hall and it will soon display citizens in queue, waiting to file complaints. Perhaps you may be able to help one of them?
the second screenshot show a well with a lot of lasers, will you be able to jump into it?1442759153-hall-des-reclamations-prison

Information for whom asking about VR :VR has been disabled for the moment, but we are working on it. Actually the Occulus implementation doesn’t allow other modes than VR so it’s impossible to make a VR/Non VR game on Steam with it, the Unity VR implementation looks to be the most promising but actually, it is in early version and unfortunately the graphics settings that we use for the game are not yet compatible with it, but we are confident and we’ll do our best to have it as soon as Unity release a compatible VR SDK with our graphic settings. At least we think they will ready for the release of the Oculus so for the commercial version we are pretty confident into our capacity to have a fully working VR version at this date.